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The Key to "Revelation" Volume II


In this second volume Stephen Kaung continues to show the testimony of Jesus Christ as it relates to the unbelieving world and the Jews.

Author: Stephen Kaung
ISBN: 978-1-68062-083-2
eBook ISBN: 978-1-68062-079-5


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The book of revelation is the last of the sixty-six books of the Bible. As such, it is the concluding word of God and therefore occupies a special position. Whereas a blessing is attached to its reading, a curse is pronounced against anyone adding to its text thus reflecting how very important is this book of God's word. The content of this present work, which will be two volumes in length, comprises the text of what were two separate series of messages on Revelation spoken by the author in, respectively, the year 2007 and back during the 1950s. After these many years, and inasmuch as we sense the return of the Lord Jesus to be increasingly imminent, we believe that there is a need to make these spoken words available in print in order that many more of God's people may receive the promised blessing. \n \nIt is our prayer that all who shall read this book will receive God's blessing in their being better prepared for the imminent return to the earth of our blessed Lord Jesus Christ.

Table of Contents

Part Three: The Testimony of Jesus in Relation to the World
1—The Testimony towards the World
2—The Vision of the Redeemer
3—The Song of Redemption
4—The Seven Seals (1)
5—The Seven Seals (2)
6—The First through Fourth Trumpets
7—The Fifth and Sixth Trumpets
8—The Seventh Trumpet
9—The Seven Bowls
10—Armageddon (1)
11—Armageddon (2) and the Judgment of the Nations

Part Four: The Testimony of Jesus in Relation to the Jews
1—The Mystery of Israel (1)
2—The Mystery of Israel (2) the Church’s Ministry to the Jews
3—The Fig Tree
4—The 144,000 Remnant
5—The Two Witnesses
6—The Day of the Lord


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