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Permission Requests

All requests for permission to quote from our published works, as well as all requests for foreign-language translation rights to any of our published works, may be sent to

Prison Book Ministry

Do you know someone who is currently in prison? We offer a 40% discount and free shipping for any books sent to incarcerated individuals. Simply place an order for books and set the ship to address to a prison and we will discount your order after you submit it. Make sure to follow the rules for the address and make sure to include their inmate number. Here is a standard format:


Name #inmate number
Facility Name
City, State, Zipcode


Furthermore, if they write us a letter from prison we always send them a free book.

If you are looking for other ways to support prison ministries please check out Aneko Press’s Prison Book Project. There is a lot of helpful info on this website as to why prison book ministries are so important.

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