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The Communion of the Holy Spirit


Various messages on the inward communion of the Holy Spirit, the outpouring of the Holy Spirit and the fruit of the discpline of the Holy Spirit.

Author: Watchman Nee
ISBN: 978-0-93500-879-1
eBook ISBN: 978-1-10207-436-6


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The apostle Paul ends his second letter to the Corinthians with the divine salutation, "The grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, and the love of God, and the communion of the Holy Spirit, be with you all" (13.14). We as Christians come to know the fullness of the Godhead through the love, the grace and the communion, which proceed from the triune God. It is the love of God the Father that purposes all. It is the grace of God the Son that provides all. And it is the communion of God the Spirit that performs all. Love, grace and communion are all equally essential. What would love be without grace? It would have no expression. What would grace be without communion? It would be unattainable. This present volume is a compilation of messages given by God's servant Watchman Nee at various times and places. They all relate to the communion of the Holy Spirit. The first part consists of two messages on Resurrection, the Holy Spirit, and the Church. A proper perspective on the marvelous work of the Holy Spirit is therein given. The second part, entitled "The Outpouring of the Holy Spirit," is composed of six messages on the Outpouring, one message on the Holy Spirit, and the Law, and two messages on the Anointing Oil. And the third part presents four messages on Spiritual Judgment, which is the fruit of the discipline of the Holy Spirit. Such discipline gives spiritual discernment for service. May the blessed Lord who released these messages to the Church use them for the building up of the body of Christ in love. 

Table of Contents

Part One
1—Resurrection, the Holy Spirit, and the Church (1)
2—Resurrection, the Holy Spirit, and the Church (2)

Part Two
1—Outpouring of the Holy Spirit
2—Conditions for the Spirit’s Outpouring-and Important
3—Symptoms and Evidence of Receiving the Spirit’s Outpouring
4—The Work of the Holy Spirit and the Benefits of Having His Outpouring
5—Further Talk on the Spirit’s
6—Still More on the Spirit’s Work and His Outpouring
7—The Holy Spirit and the Law
8—The Function of the Anointing Oil
9—The Body Being Anointed

Part Three
1—The Principles of Spiritual Judgment
2—Spiritual Judgment: Using Our Spirit
3—Spiritual Judgment: The Basis Of Diagnosis And Judgment
4—Spiritual Judgment: Healing



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