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Spiritual Exercise


A simplified version of the 52 Basic Lessons on practical Christian living.

Price: $8.00
Author: Watchman Nee
ISBN: 978-0-93500-887-6
eBook ISBN: 978-1-10207-474-8

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Have you ever exercised your spirit? As children of God, have you discovered the secret of spiritual growth? The Bible exhorts us: "Exercise thyself unto godliness: for bodily exercise is profitable for a little; but godliness is profitable for all things, having promise of the life which now is, and of that which is to come" (1 Tim 4.7b-8). Here is a book that will help you to exercise your spirit on the basic lessons of practical Christian living. By faithfully and prayerfully going through these subjects, you will discover the secret to spiritual maturity. To get the best benefit, it is suggested that you take only one lesson a week. Read it, meditate on it, and pray over it till the Holy Spirit brings you into the truth. Thus, you will exercise your spirit over these fifty-two lessons in one year.

Table of Contents

Book One: A Living Sacrifice
Exercise 1: Baptism
Exercise 2: Concluding the Past
Exercise 3: Selling All
Exercise 4: Consecration
Exercise 5: Studying the Bible
Exercise 6: Prayer
Exercise 7: Early Rising

Book Two: The Good Confession
Exercise 8: Public Confession
Exercise 9: Separated from the World
Exercise 10: The Elimination of Distinctions
Exercise 11: Witnessing
Exercise 12: How to Lead People to Christ
Exercise 13: Household Salvation

Book Three: Assembling Together
Exercise 14: Joining the Church
Exercise 15: Laying on of Hands
Exercise 16: Assembling Together
Exercise 17: Various Meetings
Exercise 18: The Lord’s Day
Exercise 19: Hymn Singing
Exercise 20: Praise
Exercise 21: The Breaking of Bread

Book Four: Not I But Christ
Exercise 22: If Any Man Sin
Exercise 23: Apology and Restitution
Exercise 24: Restore Your Brother
Exercise 25: The Believer’s Reaction
Exercise 26: Deliverance
Exercise 27: Our Life
Exercise 28: The Will of God

Book Five: Do All to the Glory of God
Exercise 29: Managing Your Finances
Exercise 30: Occupation
Exercise 31: Marriage
Exercise 32: Choosing a Mate
Exercise 33: Husband and Wife
Exercise 34: Parenthood
Exercise 35: Friendship
Exercise 36: Recreation
Exercise 37: Speech
Exercise 38: Clothing and Eating
Exercise 39: Asceticism

Book Six: Love One Another
Exercise 40: Sickness
Exercise 41: Governmental Forgiveness
Exercise 42: The Discipline of God
Exercise 43: Resist the Devil
Exercise 44: Head Covering
Exercise 45: The Way of the Church
Exercise 46: Oneness
Exercise 47: Love the Brethren
Exercise 48: Priesthood
Exercise 49: The Body of Christ
Exercise 50: The Authority of the Church
Exercise 51: The Kingdom
Exercise 52: The Second Coming of the Lord


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