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Powerful According to God


Part One: Therefore Pray Ye
Day 1: Why Pray? A Mystery
Day 2: To Whom Praying
Day 3: For Whom Do We Pray?
Day 4: When Ye Pray…
Day 5: “After This Manner Therefore Pray Ye”(1)
Day 6: “After This Manner Therefore Pray Ye”(2)
Day 7: “After This Manner Therefore Pray Ye”(3)
Day 8: “After This Manner Therefore Pray Ye”(4)

Part Two: When Ye Pray
Day 9: Prayer is Righteousness
Day 10: Pray in the Name of the Lord Jesus
Day 11: Pray in Faith
Day 12: Prayer and Burden
Day 13: Prayer and Pressure
Day 14: Pray with the Spirit
Day 15: Pray Thrice
Day 16: Pray with Tears
Day 17: Watch and Pray
Day 18: Do Not Pray Amiss
Day 19: Do Not Give Up

Part Three: Powerful According To God
Day 20: The Three Aspects of Prayer
Day 21: Prayer – The Ministry of the Church
Day 22: Earth Governs Heaven
Day 23: Harmony in the Holy Spirit
Day 24: Authoritative Prayer
Day 25: Binding And Loosing
Day 26: Prayer Warfare
Day 27: Prayer Against Our Enemy
Day 28: Prayer and God’s Work
Day 29: Corporate Prayer
Day 30: Prayer Meeting (1)
Day 31: Prayer Meeting (2)

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Prayer is the very breath of spiritual life. It begins with the sinner's prayer and it ends with the saint's final committing his spirit to God. It is so simple that a child can utter, yet it is so profound that it requires a lifetime to learn. There is no graduation from the school of prayer. Prayer measures the spirituality of a believer. It is the highest ministry one can ever render to God. In this present volume brother Watchman Nee shares with us his thoughts on prayer so as to help us in our meditation. He leads us from why do we pray, through how should we pray, to how can we be powerful according to God in prayer. This spiritual art of prayer is open to all who have a heart for God.

Thirty-one short meditations on prayer from various writings of Watchman Nee.

Author: Watchman Nee
ISBN: 978-0-93500-885-2
eBook ISBN: 978-1-10207-464-9


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