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Journeying Towards the Spiritual


In this condensed version of The Spiritual Man there are 42 lessons to be learned in journeying towards the spiritual.

Author: Watchman Nee
ISBN: 978-0-93500-886-9
eBook ISBN: 978-1-10207-452-6


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God's desire is to commune with man. God being spirit, the man who worships Him must worship in spirit and truth. It is therefore essential for man to be spiritual. This is what the gospel of Jesus Christ is all about. Salvation is the way to spirituality. The original three volume set of The Spiritual Man by Watchman Nee serves as a guide, not as a manual, to walk in spiritual life as well as to fight the spiritual warfare. It was written under tremendous spiritual conflict. Only through the grace of God and the victory of Christ was Watchman Nee able to finish the writing. Now having become a Christian classic, it may be considered as Watchman Nee's legacy to the Church. Condensed in this new volume, there are 42 lessons to be learned in journeying towards the spiritual. May we be guided by the Spirit of God to heartily learn these necessary lessons all to the glory of God.

Table of Contents

Lesson One: Spirit, Soul, and Body
Lesson Two: Spirit and Soul
Lesson Three: The Fall of Man
Lesson Four: Salvation
Lesson Five: The Flesh and Salvation
Lesson Six: The Fleshly or Carnal Believer
Lesson Seven: The Cross and the Holy Spirit
Lesson Eight: The Boastings of the Flesh
Lesson Nine: The Believer’s Ultimate Attitude towards the Flesh
Lesson Ten: Deliverance From Sin and the Soul Life
Lesson Eleven: The Experience of Soulish Believers
Lesson Twelve: The Dangers of Soulish Life
Lesson Thirteen: The Cross and the Soul
Lesson Fourteen: Spiritual Believers and the Soul
Lesson Fifteen: The Holy Spirit and the Believer’s Spirit
Lesson Sixteen: A Spiritual Man
Lesson Seventeen: Spiritual Work
Lesson Eighteen: Prayer and Warfare
Lesson Nineteen: Intuition
Lesson Twenty: Communion
Lesson Twenty-One: Conscience
Lesson Twenty-Two: The Dangers Of Spiritual Life
Lesson Twenty-Three: The Laws of the Spirit
Lesson Twenty-Four: The Principle of Mind Aiding the Spirit
Lesson Twenty-Five: The Normalcy of the Spirit
Lesson Twenty-Six: The Believer and Emotion
Lesson Twenty-Seven: Affection
Lesson Twenty-Eight: Desire
Lesson Twenty-Nine: A Life of Feeling
Lesson Thirty: The Life of Faith
Lesson Thirty-One: The Mind A Battlefield
Lesson Thirty-Two: The Phenomena of a Passive Mind
Lesson Thirty-Three: The Way of Deliverance
Lesson Thirty-Four: The Laws of the Mind
Lesson Thirty-Five: A Believer’s Will
Lesson Thirty-Six: Passivity and its Dangers
Lesson Thirty-Seven: The Believer’s Mistake
Lesson Thirty-Eight: The Path to Freedom
Lesson Thirty-Nine: The Believer and His Body
Lesson Forty: Sickness
Lesson Forty-One: God as the Life of the Body
Lesson Forty-Two: Overcoming Death


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