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New Release
by Stephen Kaung

Table of Contents

Chapter One:
The Place of the Shepherd

Chapter Two:
The Work of the Shepherd

Chapter Three:
The Character of the Shepherd

Shepherding is one of the important functions in the church. It is not only one of the gifted people whom God gives to the church for the perfecting of the saints (see Ephesians 4:11-12 where pastors should be shepherds) It is also one of the main functions of the elders of the church (see I Peter 5:1). Indeed, it is expected of all the spiritual members of the church to be engaged in such a work. Our Lord’s words to Peter were “feed my lambs”, “shepherd my sheep”, and “feed my sheep” (see John 21:15-17).

For this reason, it is required of us to know what the functions of shepherding are and also the qualifications. This series of three messages on shepherding is prepared for the promoting of God’s work and the strengthening of this important but sadly lacking ministry in the church. May God use it for His glory.

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Author: Stephen Kaung
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“And God created man in his image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them (Genesis 1:27). The concept of family had its origin with God at the very beginning when He created man, for God had an important purpose for the family to fulfill. Indeed, He will use the family of God—the church—to defeat His enemy, Satan. And hence, God’s enemy is pouring out his fury to destroy the family. Thank God, through the redemptive work of Christ, we Christians are to have our families restored to God’s original purpose. This short series of messages, delivered by the author before a gathering of God’s people in Washington DC beginning in September 1974, is therefore being published as a way of helping Christian believers elsewhere to see and carry out God’s purpose for the family. May the Lord bless all who read the pages of this volume.

My Spiritual Journey
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In the Holy Scriptures spiritual life is often pictured as a spiritual journey. In reviewing Watchman Nee's life we can easily notice four distinct stages in his spiritual journey. In this volume all four stages are clearly reflected in either brother Nee's writings or his spoken ministry.
God Has Spoken, vol. II - Seeing Christ in the New Testament
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In this volume, each book in the New Testament is briefly discussed, with special attention to seeing Christ in His fullness. It is not an exhaustive study, its purpose simply being to offer a taste of the sweet word of God so as to induce us to search His word more diligently. May He draw us deeper into His word so that we may be drawn deeper into Him.


Spiritual Discernment

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Spiritual discernment is the pressing need of today. How can we obtain this full knowledge of God? Where do we get spiritual discernment that we may know the things which are more excellent? (see Phil 1.9-10) These are the matters which brother Watchman Nee tried to address during his latter years of ministry. This present volume, entitled Spiritual Discernment is composed of three parts: Abound in Knowledge, Abound in Discernment, and Approve the Excellent.

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