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What Shall this Man Do?
What Shall this Man Do?

Price: $11.00
Author: Watchman Nee
ISBN: 978-0-875084-88-6


Full Description
Are you called to serve, but wondering if you "fit the mold"?
Watchman Nee presents an encouraging word: God calls leaders from diverse backgrounds and equips them in a variety of ways for distinctive tasks. Though each of us is called to a unique place of service, our ministries are not in conflict, but complementary.
These studies draw from the lives of the apostles Peter, Paul and John to illustrate three essential elements of Christian ministry:

Peter, the "fisher of men" leading others in the Way
Paul, the teacher of the Word understanding the Life
John, the elder in the church knowing and walking in the Truth

These three elements, Nee declares, underlie the work of all those who are called to serve.

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