This is a place for testimonies from readers whose lives have been touched by the Lord through Watchman Nee's or Stephen Kaung's writings. Some of these testimonies have been added from letters received in the past. A few of the letters were too long to fit into the normal review section so they are listed in full here below:

A letter from S in South Africa

A letter from C

A letter from JR

A letter from RM

A review on The Spiritual Man from M. Freeman

A review on The Spiritual Man from T. Roberts

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5 of 5 A Modern Day Paul September 3, 2014
Reviewer: LS from McLoud OK  
I have never read such powerful teachings. He reminds me of a modern day Paul. I have read "Love Not the World", "Spiritual Authority" (which made me realize my previous understanding was all wrong), and am now reading "The Spiritual Man" and have read "The Glorious Church" and "Gleanings in the Fields of Boaz". I am passing the materials around. We need an awakening... I realize how "watered down" the gospel has become. I need meat -- not a substitute.

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5 of 5 Spiritual Exercise August 29, 2014
Reviewer: Silvio Ho from New Port Richey, FL United States  
This book was a gift from a family from LA, last year I visited them. This past Monday I was on the way to visit them, and started to read it in the airplane. The chapter about Consecration made me think about Our Lord and His Kingdom, and we are Servants Consecrated for Waiting for Him and to Serve Him. On Wednesday waiting at the airport in LA,next to me was a Arabian family, the mom with diamond rings, Prada purse, on the luggage was the tag "Ministry of Finance" "Kingdom of Saudi Arabia". It came the thought, we are Servants of "Kingdom of God" and He has appointed as as Consecrated Servants to wait for His Orders and to Serve Him. What great King we have, and made me feel proud.It was my first time going on first class, just happen that it was granted to me when I used my Advantage mileages, and that honorable Arabian family going to couch class, just made me to think more again on our Position on the Universe, in the Kingdom of God. Thanks for the clear teaching of Watchman Nee.

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5 of 5 RELEASE OF THE SPIRIT December 9, 2013
Reviewer: Elizabeth from West Park, FL United States  
I live in Jamaica W.I. I surrendered my life to Jesus Christ August in 1992, at age 32 years.  My journey was propelled from a place of decision to an abandoned walk of faith, after my reading of The Release of the Spirit. That book initiated a new dimension in my journey, which helped me mature to accepting the hand of God through His dealings in my life. Although the truths in “The Release of the Spirit” are hidden from some “mature” believers, I am now able to understand and apply the scriptures in a practical way. I accept that experiences that seem unleashed to destroy me, are actually here to help me grow.  I recommend this book as a basic foundational teaching, for all believes. I give God thanks for the writings of Bro. Watchman Nee, who died faithful to the call... well done good and faithful servant!  That is my prayer for my own journey of faith.  I have given away all my copies, which I hope to replace, as this book should never leave the library of the believer.

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5 of 5 Glory and praise be to God January 14, 2013
Reviewer: Philip Gilikson from Durham, ME United States  
I was first introduced to Watchman Nee in 1978 When my sister gave me a copy of the Spiritual Man, which, took me over a year to fully understand. In the mid 90's I started to meet twice a week to pray and study God's word with my 2 girls and their friends. At that time I purchased a copy of every book by brother Nee for myself and a set of the basic lesson series for everyone of "the kids" who had been coming faithfully, which, were about a dozen at the time. These series answered many questions the kids had and over the next 3 years I witnessed an equiping and change in these childrens lives as they developed into profound men and women of God! Watchamn Nee's gift of expounding the word of God is, as far as I'm concerned, is second to none! I am still praising and thanking the Lord for introducing me to a faithful servant such as Watchman Nee. And  I look forward to meeting him in the kingdom as much as all of the greatest men used by the Lord in the whole bible!

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5 of 5 Apr 18, 2006 (letter received) September 6, 2012
Reviewer: TR from MI  
I want to thank all of you at Christian Fellowship Publishers for this beautiful blessing. Though being in prison you can be at peace in our Lord Jesus. Praise the Lord!!!

I've been sharing this knowledge with brothers in the Lord Jesus and you could say, i'm parting the hair when I talk with this wisdom by Watchman Nee.

Love in Jesus,

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