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Moses, the Servant of God (pre-order)
Moses, the Servant of God (pre-order)

A look at the life of Moses, a faithful and true servant of God.



List Price: $7.00
Author: Stephen Kaung
ISBN: 978-1-68062-087-0
eBook ISBN: 978-1-68062-089-4

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The life of Moses is most inspiring. At a certain point in that life he was called by God to be "My servant." Indeed, living for 120 years, Moses' servanthood was divided into three periods of 40 years each. During the first 40 years Moses tried to serve God according to his own way—which was the way he had learned from the world. So, during the second 40 years of his life, which was spent entirely out in the desert wilderness of Midian, Moses had to unlearn all he had learned previously, and also he had to learn God. Finally, throughout the entire concluding 40-year period of his long life, Moses was used by God as His faithful servant.

Let us see that, like Moses, in order to be able to serve God, we must first unlearn all which we have learned from the world. Then, and only then, can anyone serve God. A true servant of God must be selfless and be absolutely obedient to God. He may suffer incessantly from others, but he will be approved by God. And this is all that matters.

May we all learn to serve God as Moses did!

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