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Are you disappointed by the kind of Christian life you live? Have you also cried out, "Wretched man that I am! Who shall deliver me?" Like Paul, you can "thank God through Jesus Christ our Lord", for the life that wins is not attained, but obtained. It is not a life changed, but rather a life exchanged. It is Christ who lives in you.

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"But We See Jesus" by Stephen Kaung
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Table of Contents

  1. Epoch-Making Vessel: John the Baptist
  2. The Mystery of Incarnation
  3. His Bar Mitzvah
  4. His Baptism
  5. The Temptation
  6. His Walk
  7. His Teachings
  8. His Doings As Servant
  9. His Rejection
  10. His Transfiguration
  11. His Triumphal Entry
  12. The Last Supper
  13. The Garden of Gethsemane
  14. His Crucifixion
  15. His Resurrection
  16. His Appearing for Forty Days
  17. His Ascension
  18. His Return
  19. His Reigning

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Back to the Cross

We today are at the terminal period of the dispensation of grace. The hand of the clock is pointing at the midnight hour. Now is the darkest of the night. Soon, following the gloomiest hour, the day shall dawn. Meanwhile, the Church rushes swiftly towards apostasy, moving farther away from God: the power of darkness is unleashed; its evil influence is as damaging in the Church as in the world. The cross of Christ is the sole light that enlightens the current darkness. It is therefore time for the Church to go back to the cross, to the firm foundation of God. There, sins are cleansed and self is delivered. There, the redemptive facts of God are revealed for us to believe and enter in. There, the power of resurrection is experientially known so that the Church may once again be the true witness of Christ on earth. It is time for God's children to seek for higher life and service, time to review the past and rededicate themselves for the days ahead. At the closing of this age, the activities of Satan are intensified. How greatly are the children of God being attacked, oppressed and especially deceived. Now is the time for the saints to rise up and exercise the victory of the cross to resist and counterattack the Enemy. How fierce is the battle. Can the saints overcome without being fully armed? Saints of God, arise, stand on the victory of Calvary, and proclaim the victory of Christ. Your King is coming, and the days of the Enemy are numbered. This present volume is a compilation of various writings and addresses given by Watchman Nee in the early days of his ministry. The passage of time, however, only increases the urgency of these messages which are as relevant today, perhaps even more so, than at the time of their first delivery. Would that God's children might return to the cross and be true followers of Christ crucified. May the Church of God be re-awakened to her calling as the light in the world, holding forth the word of life. May she stand in the victory of Christ and bring back the King of kings and the Lord of lords.

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Come, Lord Jesus

"Come Lord Jesus" is the heart cry of the church of God after she had been given the Revelation of Jesus Christ in the last book of the Bible. Christ is coming soon! The signs of the time point to His imminent return. Are you ready for Him, your Bridegroom? This commentary on the book of Revelation by Watchman Nee is timely in helping us understand the future. It not only gives us a sequence of coming events, but more so brings us into the spirit of prophecy which is the testimony of Jesus (Rev.19.10). It reveals to us the glory of Jesus Christ. This inspires us to know Him more and to be prepared to meet Him. All who wait for His return should read this most valuable volume.

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