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Aids to "Revelation" by Watchman Nee

In the study of Revelation there are certain, basic things one must know in order to understand this book. The helps, or aids given by Watchman Nee begin with showing the attitude believers should have towards the book of Revelation as well as the ways and means of understanding it. He presents the different schools of interpretation concerning Revelation and offers the key to its right interpretation. He touches upon the distinction between salvation and reward, the four kinds of judgment, and the spiritual significance of numerals in the Bible since these are essential to rightly dividing the word of truth. He compares the prophecies in Revelation with the other prophecies of the Bible, such as Daniel's human image and the 70 sevens, the Olivet prophecy of our Lord, and Paul's prophecy found in 2 Thessalonians. Finally, he summarizes the great events of the future as given in Revelation according to their respective times, and suggests a detailed outline of the book.

As we are quickly approaching the close of this age with the blessed hope in view of the dawning of a new age, even the millennium, it is no surprise that the hearts of God's children are increasingly drawn to the last book of the Bible, Revelation. Whereas in the past that book was shunned by most as not being understandable, now it is looked upon as a blessed book, just as it is written of it. Blessed is he that readeth, and they that hear the words of the prophecy, and keep the things that are written therein: for the time is at hand (Rev. 1.3). In the study of Revelation, however, there are certain, basic things one must know in order to understand this book.

May the Lord use this volume to help many to listen, to hearken, and to keep the things written in the book of Revelation.

Length: 3 hours and 18 minutes

The Key to "Revelation" volume I

by Stephen Kaung

The book of revelation is the last of the sixty-six books of the Bible. As such, it is the concluding word of God and therefore occupies a special position. Whereas a blessing is attached to its reading, a curse is pronounced against anyone adding to its text—thus reflecting how very important is this book of God's word.
The content of this present work, which will be two volumes in length, comprises the text of what were two separate series of messages on Revelation spoken by the author in, respectively, the year 2007 and back during the 1950s. After these many years, and inasmuch as we sense the return of the Lord Jesus to be increasingly imminent, we believe that there is a need to make these spoken words available in print in order that many more of God's people may receive the promised blessing.
It is our prayer that all who shall read this book will receive God's blessing in their being better prepared for the imminent return to the earth of our blessed Lord Jesus Christ.

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Table of Contents


Part One: The Revelation of Jesus Christ
1—The Church
2—The World
3—The Overcomers
4—The Millennium and Eternity

Part Two: The Testimony of Jesus in Relation to the Church
1—The Testimony of Jesus
2—The Vision of the Son of Man
3—The Meaning of the Vision
4—The Seven Golden Lampstands
5—The Seven Stars
6—The Seven Churches
7—The Man-Child
8—The Man-Child: Firstfruits to God
9—The Kingdom and New Jerusalem

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